Carpet Cleaning

Prolong the life of your carpet

It's a fact that carpets and upholstery take a bashing daily with general usage taking its toll - SMC Cleaning can help by providing you with a regular, comprehensive cleaning & maintenance programme that will not only provide a refreshing and hygienic living environment, but also extend the life of your household carpets and furnishings.

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SMC Cleaning's Carpet & Upholstery specialists are fully qualified in all aspects of carpet cleaning. We understand all of the different materials and we know how each should be treated differently, to help avoid shrinkage and color fade. All other items of furniture and upholstery can also be cleaned and repaired to a very high standard.

SMC Cleaning is delighted to now offer a carpet and upholstery cleaning service. With years of experience we can make your carpet look like new and prolong its life We carry out a thorough inspection on all work before and after the clean to make sure it is Up to our high standard.

These are the benefits of keeping your carpet and upholstery clean:

  • Reduce risk to asthma and other health issues
  • Manage and control dust mite infestation
  • Keep the life of your carpets for much longer - reducing cost to customer
  • Create and maintain a clean & healthy environment for your family or tenants